For the love of Lovejoy: Buy a shirt, help a church

When Buffalo Mass Mob was made aware of the issues facing Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Lovejoy, we decided to bring our group there for a Mass Mob to help increase visibility for this neighborhood treasure and place listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Another thing decided is that we had to do something else to help raise some money for the church’s dome project. Sts. Peter and Paul needs to raise close to $55,000 to fix its majestic and historic dome. That’s when we got the idea to sell some t-shirts to aid project. Buffalo Mass Mob doesn’t know how much we can raise, but whatever we (you) do will surely help.

The design of the shirt celebrates one of Buffalo’s truly unique neighborhoods. If you love Lovejoy, you will want one of these. Please share with your friends!

The fundraiser ends on 10/21/2017. Order now!

Here is the link to order the shirt in either grey or navy blue…

The church receives 100% of the proceeds generated by the sale.

If you would prefer to donate directly to the church, click here—>

Please join us on 10/15/2017 for Buffalo Mass Mob XXIV at Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church! Click here for more info—>


Last Minute Details on Buffalo Mass Mob XXII at Saint Anthony’s


  • First off,  the Buffalo Mass Mob group (Danielle Huber, Christopher Byrd, Greg Witul and Arthur Kogutowski) thanks you for your continued support in helping make Mass Mobbing such a success.
  • This is our twenty-second Mass Mob!
  • This is our first Mass Mob in downtown Buffalo.
  • This is our first Mass Mob for a Latin Mass.
    • The church has a Mass guide for their Latin celebration to help everyone follow what is taking place. Look for it as you come in.
  • Mass starts promptly at 9:00 am. We always suggest that you plan to be at church at least 15 minutes before Mass.
  • There will be a coffee hour immediately following Mass in church social center. 🙂
  • Saint Anthony Church is located at 160 Court Street in Buffalo directly behind city hall. Click here for directions–>
  • Parking can be found on the streets surrounding the church and in two lots next to the church. The lots are free.1-Fullscreen capture 6232017 94422 AM
  • Click here to read some history on Saint Anthony Church—>
  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • We are really looking forward to Sunday…we hope you are, too!
  • Any questions, please contact us by clicking here—>

The Buffalo Mass Mob is heading downtown on Sunday, June 25th

The next Buffalo Mass Mob will take place on Sunday, June 25, 2017 at historic Saint Anthony of Padua R.C. Church in downtown Buffalo.

Mass Mob XXII will mark the first time the the group will go to a church in downtown Buffalo. It will also mark the first time the the group will attend a Latin Tridentine Mass. This is where a Mass is celebrated in its traditional Latin language form. Saint Anthony’s has held a Latin Mass at the church for over a decade. Danielle Huber, Buffalo Mass Mob organizer, says, “We’re excited to Mass Mob our first downtown church and to see first-hand how they embrace their location.  In addition, it’ll be a unique experience to participate in a Latin mass.” (There will be a special missal at mass to help guide people through Latin.)

Buffalo Mass Mob started in 2013 as way to draw attention to struggling Buffalo inner city churches. A mass mob is similar to a flash mob, but the idea centers around inviting people to come worship at a church organizers select. The mass mobs have brought thousands of people to churches whose attendance has dipped over the years. Originated in the Queen City, the mass mob movement has garnered national and international attention. Buffalo Mass Mob has also inspired people in other cities to organize their own.

St. Anthony of Padua R.C. Church was founded in 1891 by Father Antonio Gibelli of the Missionary Fathers of St. Charles Borromeo to provide for the religious well being of the large number of Italians immigrants settling in Buffalo during the 19th century. The parish quickly became the social center the of the city’s 20,000 plus Italian population. Within a year, Gibelli had established the first Italian language school in the United States. The church continues celebrate its Italian heriatge.

Buffalo Mass Mob XXII will begin at 9:00 AM. A coffee hour will be hosted by the parish community immediately following mass. Saint Anthony’s is located directly behind city hall at 160 Court Street, Buffalo, New York 14202. The Mass Mobs are open to all.

For more information on Buffalo Mass Mob, visit For more information on Saint Anthony of Padua R.C. Church, visit

Last Minute Details on Buffalo Mass Mob XVIII @ First Presbyterian Church


Just a few last minute details on Buffalo Mass Mob XVIII at First Presbyterian Church on Sunday, October 9th, 2016.

Buffalo Mass Mob is excited to come to Buffalo’s First Presbyterian Church. We can’t wait for Sunday!

Join us.


Mass Mob XVIII will be at Buffalo’s First Presbyterian Church


Buffalo Mass Mob XVIII will be held on Sunday, October 9th, 2016 as we come to historic First Presbyterian Church of Buffalo for 10:00am service.

This marks the first time that the Buffalo Mass Mob will be going to a non Catholic church. One of the goals of our group from early on was to visit churches in other faiths as Buffalo Mass Mob grew. First Presbyterian is an wonderful place to take this next step at. We invite everyone who has come to our previous Mass Mobs to join us. Our Mass Mobs are open to everyone. They present a unique opportunity to experience a historic church in its intended purpose. We are excited for the opportunity to share in fellowship with the First Presbyterian Church community.

Website for First Presbyterian Church of Buffalo:

Wikipedia page for the church containing history: (You’ll understand why the church is often referred to as “First Church” after reading.),_New_York)

We will have more details on Mass Mob XVIII in the coming weeks. This will include information on what to expect at the service and more. Buffalo Mass Mob is excited for the opportunity to give a boost to First Church. It is truly one of the most historic churches in Buffalo. Join us on October 9th!

One Symphony Circle
Buffalo, New York 14201

***For Catholics, this service cannot be used as a substitute for regular Sunday Catholic Mass.  Click here to read more about that—> 

Here are some pictures of  First Church…click to see full view.

Thank you, Buffalo, for another wonderful Mass Mob!

1-P1050943-2 copy

Thank you, Buffalo! Buffalo Mass Mob XVII was wonderful.

Thank you to Saint Margaret’s Church and Father Joseph Wolf for being awesome hosts!

Our organizing committee of Danielle Huber, Greg Witul, Christopher Byrd and Arthur Kogutowski are continuously humbled by the response we receive from the Buffalo and Western New York communities in making our Mass Mobs successful.

Here is a video of “The Our Father” from the Mass:

Mass Mob XVII will be at St. Margaret’s Church on August 7th


Buffalo Mass Mob is excited to announce that Mass Mob XVII will be held on Sunday, August 7th, 2016 at St. Margaret Church’s 9:30am Mass. St. Margaret’s is located at 1395 Hertel Ave in the heart of North Buffalo.

Please share with your family and friends, and save the date for Buffalo Mass Mob XVII.

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Here’s the history of St. Margaret Church from the parish’s website:

In the fall of 1916, Most ReverendDennis Dougherty, fifth Bishop of Buffalo purchaced nine acres of land in the north section of the City for a parish to meet the needs of the people in an area that showed promis of rapid grouth. The tract was bounded by Hertel, Saranac, Linden, and North Park. The purchase price was $ 45,000 covered by a bank motgage.

On December 6th, 1916, Reverend Thomas J. Timmons was appointed first pastor and founder of the new parish, Bishop Dougherty wanted in this area. The name chosen was suggested by Father Timmons. He recalled a wish expressed by the late Bishop Colton to name the next parish after his beloved sister Mrs. Margaret Bingham, deceased and St. Margaret of Scotland. Bishop Daugherty was pleased and graciusly gratified Bishop Colton’s desires.

The area that was picked was found to be a swamp on Fr. Timmons first visit to the site. The streets marking the boundries were nothing more then mud lanes having no sidewalks, water mains or sewerage. In his anxiety to have the modern equipment of every kind installed in the area, Father Timmons assumed the burden of the debt.

On Sunday, December 10, the announcement was made in the Cathedrail that Father Timmons was appointed to the new parish and on the following Thursday, December 14th, 1916 those few in the vacinity saw wagons loaded with lumber drive up to the vacant site and unload. At noon of that day a force of carpenters, under the direction of Charles Fimiani began contruction of the first little church erected in exactly fifty hours on the Southwest corner of Hertel and North Park Avenue.

As happens in Buffalo almost every year a blizzard hit on the monring of December 15th, the workers tried and tried but at Father Timmons request work was halted at noon on Saturday, December 16. Mr. Fimiani and Mrs. Adolpgh Yung, Father Timmons first convert who brought steaming pots of coffee gave arguements but the work was stopped. The storm raged on until Wednesday, December 20. Then they returned under adverse conditions. The men shoveled and swept away the accumulated piles of snow and began the construction of the church. On December 23 about 10:30 PM the work was finished.

More information about St. Margaret Church can be found by visiting their website.

We will see you in August!

Last minute details on Mass Mob XVI at Holy Family Church Sunday


Just a few last minute details on Buffalo Mass Mob XVI at Holy Family Church on Sunday, June 5th at 11:30 AM:

  • The church is located at 1855 South Park Avenue at Tifft Street. Click here for directions via Google Maps—>
  • Mass starts at 11:30 AM. As always, we suggest you get there at least 15 minutes early to allow for enough to park and walk through the doors.
  • The main doors for the church are located on South Park Avenue.
  • Buffalo Mass Mob is also using the event as an opportunity to help bolster the parish’s Bishop Kmiec Food Pantry which serves South Buffalo. Attendees are asked to bring a non-perishable food item to mass.
  • There is some parking available on the church grounds behind the church, ample parking on the streets around the church, and parking in nearby Mulroy Park.Fullscreen capture 632016 123242 AM
  • The church is handicapped-accessible from Tifft Street1-Fullscreen capture 632016 93707 AM
  • For some history on the church, click here—>
  • The church website is
  • If you have any additional questions, please contact us by clicking here—>

We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Mass Mob XVI @ Holy Family on June 5th to help Bishop Kmiec Food Pantry


Buffalo Mass Mob is also using the Mass Mob XVI as an opportunity to help bolster the parish’s Bishop Kmiec Food Pantry which serves South Buffalo. Attendees are asked to bring a non-perishable food item to Mass on June 5th.

To find out more about Buffalo Mass Mob XVI at Holy Family Church, click here—>

Buffalo Mass Mob To Hold Rosary Mob III at St. Ann’s Church & Shrine


Buffalo’s shuttered 129-year-old St. Ann Church & Shrine will receive special attention as hundreds will gather for Buffalo Mass Mob’s “Rosary Mob III” at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 07, 2016. The Friends of St. Ann’s, a group of preservationists, and Buffalo Mass Mob are co-organizing the event.

The public is asked to converge outside of the shrine, 651 Broadway at Emslie, to pray the rosary en-masse to show solidarity with parishioners who can no longer worship inside the edifice.

The rosary mob is a re-thinking of the original idea of a “Mass Mob” that was to have taken place at St. Ann’s in August of 2013. It never happened because the church was closed. This is the third “Rosary Mob” at the church. The first was in May of 2014.

“Saint Ann’s was originally one of the churches we thought of when organizing the group,” said Christopher Byrd, co-founder of Buffalo Mass Mob. “Working with the Friends of Saint Ann’s in doing a Rosary Mob will help raise awareness about this incredible church and efforts to save it. This is a great opportunity for the community to come and show their support for Saint Ann’s.”

The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo has closed the structure to the public since 2012.

“We have been praying outside of St. Ann’s Church since 2013 and are hoping hundreds will join us so we can show them the dedication of our core of parishioners, who sadly have been kept away from their iconic shrine since its closing,” remarked Martin Ederer, a St. Ann parishioner who is also history professor at SUNY Buffalo State. “If we could only show these people the incredible interior of St. Ann’s, they would know why we are still here seeking a solution we can all be proud of.”

The church was built by the congregation of St. Ann in 1878-1886 and features stained glass windows by Royal Bavarian Art Works in Munich, Germany, and statuary that is considered rare and priceless. The gothic structure was designed by the famed Francis Himpler of New York City. The church’s congregation opened the east side landmark without debt over 125 years ago.

The shrine in Buffalo has, since 1886, conveyed the same graces as the international shrine in Baupre, in the province of Quebec. It is a shrine to St. Ann and one of few parishes built solely by the hand of its parishioners, common German immigrants. The main tower rises over 12 stories tall and contains the largest swinging bell in Buffalo. The clock in the high tower is a weight-driven 1895 Howard mechanical pendulum clock that had to be hand-wound once a week until its weight rewind system was electrified in the late 1930s. The clock, designed to strike every fifteen minutes, still functions.

Supporters of Saint Ann’s won an appeal with the Vatican in 2014 to keep the church open as a house of worship.

“The Friends of Saint Ann’s want to work with the Buffalo Diocese to come up with a feasible plan to restore the church and open its doors,” stated Ron Bates, a parishoner and member of the Friends of St. Ann’s.

The Buffalo Mass Mob movement, started in the Queen City, has been covered by local, national and international press and has inspired groups in over twenty other cities to start their own.

More information on St. Ann’s Church and Shrine, including a video of the church’s history, is available at Information on the Rosary Mob and Mass Mob is available at

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