The Buffalo Mass Mob is headed to Holy Angels on March 1st


The Buffalo Mass Mob is heading to the West Side’s Holy Angels R.C. Church on Sunday, March 1, 2020 for 9:00 A.M. Mass. This will be the thirty-seventh Mass Mob the group has organized since it was founded in 2013.

Buffalo Mass Mob selected Holy Angels after the church announced it would be closing in in July of 2020. The group previously visited the church in December of 2014. “We wanted to do something after we heard the church was going close. This will give people an opportunity to come to Holy Angels and experience it. It’s truly one of most beautiful churches in Buffalo,” said Christopher Byrd of Buffalo Mass Mob.

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The Mass Mob movement, started in the Queen City, has been covered by local, national, and international press. It has inspired groups in other cities start their own. The goal is to raise awareness of Buffalo’s sacred sites by inviting people to come worship at churches in the city. The concept for Mass Mobs is simple and similar to a flash mob. The group picks a house of worship and asks the public to come to a church’s Sunday service or mass.

Holy Angels Church, located at 348 Porter Avenue, was established in 1856 and is one of the oldest Catholic churches in Buffalo.

More information about the Buffalo Mass Mob can be found at the group’s website, or on Facebook at or on Facebook at

Join us for Buffalo Mass Mob 37 at Holy Angels Church


When Buffalo Mass Mob found out that Holy Angels Church was closing in July of 2020, we decided to Mass Mob the church again. Buffalo Mass Mob visited the church in 2014 for Mass Mob VII. We’re going to be there on March 1, 2020 for the 37th Mass Mob. Join us.

Holy Angels Church is located at 348 Porter Ave. in the heart of Buffalo’s West Side.

Please invite your friends and family as we visit Holy Angels for Mass Mob 37.

Facebook event page:

Here is the history of Holy Angels from

The Buffalo Mass Mob is headed to St. Benedict R.C. Church on December 15th

The Buffalo Mass Mob will gather on Sunday, December 15th at Saint Benedict R.C. Church in Amherst for 10:00am Mass. This marks the first time that the Mass Mob comes to Amherst.

Some history of Saint Benedict Church from their school’s website:

“New Catholic Parish Here – To Be Created in Eggertsville-Snyder. Father Tobin Rector.”

These were the words that headlined an article in the November 25, 1920 edition of the Amherst Bee and which were later recalled in that same paper in November 11, 1970, by a writer covering the 50th anniversary of St. Benedict’s and its consecration.

Upon publication of that original article in 1920, there was a church to be built but one with no name. The article written and published in the Amherst Bee in 1970 noted that while Catholic churches were named arbitrarily at the discretion of the Bishop, no set rules were yet in place that specifically pertained to giving a new parish its name. Enter Benedict XV, Pope in 1920, whose obvious guiding spiritual figure and founder of the Benedictine order was St. Benedict (later named Patron of Europe) – and you have the history of how St. Benedict’s got its name.

Monsignor William F. Tobin, a native of County Waterford, Ireland, served as the first pastor of the parish, having been appointed to his position in October 1920 by Bishop Turner. From the moment when he celebrated the first Mass in the Eggertsville Fire Hall on November 21, 1920, along with the 18 parish families who made up the parish congregation, he would pave the way for the Church of St. Benedict as we know it today.

With fondness can the parishioners of St. Benedict’s look back upon the history of those men and women who built the church with a spirit of commitment and service. Names such as Wesley Crittenden; Mrs. Charles Magrum; George, Frank, Joseph, Gerald, Eugene, Peter and Paul Bruan; Charles Krantz; Perter Lauchran; J.P. McCarthy; Joseph Meyer; Philip Ronecker; Mrs. Peter Lauchran; Oscar Sauter and Michael Sauter Jr.; Jerry Sullivan; Jacob Schwam; William Schultz; Howard Wix and of course, Msgr. Tobin; are only a few of the many, many people who are responsible for the growth of the parish throughout the years. These are the individuals who donated countless hours of service to working on construction of the church after a demanding work day. As the story goes, Msgr. Tobin kept a prized photograph of those who helped build the church, which was known as the “Twilight League.” The name was intended to be reflective of the transition these workers performed from their day jobs to their night jobs. That work involved construction of the original wooden structure of the church, completed in 1921 at a cost of about $5,472.55, and which in its original form, provided a seating capacity of 300. That Structure would serve the parish for the next ten years until 1930 when a new combination church and school were built, complementing the first rectory that was built in 1928 for the three parish priests who would reside there.

You can read the complete history by clicking here.

Please invite your family and friends as we head to Amherst for out next Mass Mob. We will be posting additional details as we get closer to Mass Mob XXXVI.

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Saint Benedict Church’s website:

The Buffalo Mass Mob is heading to Kaisertown’s St. Bernard Church

Buffalo Mass Mob XXXV will be held on Sunday, September 29, 2019 at St. Bernard’s Parish in Buffalo’s Kaisertown neighborhood for 11:30am Mass. St. Bernard’s is located at the corner of S. Ogden and Clinton streets. This is the second visit to the Kaisertown neighborhood for the Mass Mob. The first was in January of 2015 for Mass Mob VIII at St. Casimir Church.

Here is an early history of the church courtesy of the Buffalo as an Architectural Museum website.

You can view the parish’s latest bulletin by clicking here—>

Their Facebook page link,

The Administrator for the parish is Rev. Marcin Porada.

As the date for Mass Mob XXXV gets closer, we will publish more details.

Facebook event page for Mass Mob XXXV,

Last Minute Details for Mass Mob 34 at Saint Mark’s

  • First off, the Buffalo Mass Mob group (Danielle Huber, Christopher Byrd, Greg Witul and Arthur Kogutowski) thanks you for your continued support in helping make Mass Mobbing such a success.
  • Facebook event page for Mass Mob XXXIV
  • The Mass starts promptly at 12:00pm. As usual, we suggest you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning.
  • After Mass, the church is the neighborhood headquarters for the Buffalo Garden Walk. The walk runs until 4pm. You can view the brochure for the event by clicking here—>
  • Directions.The church address 401 Woodward Ave, Buffalo, NY 14214 at the corner of Amherst Street.
  • Parking. The church parking lot is behind the church and is accessible from Summit Ave. There is also ample street parking all around the church.
    • There is disability parking in the lot. There is a ramp entrance to the church on Woodward Ave.
  • The parish is excited about Sunday, and so are we.
  • You can connect with the parish via Facebook, and via their website,
  • See you on Sunday! Please contact us with any questions—>
  • Mob on!

Buffalo Mass Mob XXXIII at Our Lady of Perpetual Help on May 26th

Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) will host the Thirty-Third Buffalo Mass Mob. The Mob will be attending the Sunday, May 26th, 2019 10:30am Mass at the church. Join us!

This is the second time the Buffalo Mass Mob will be visiting OLPH. The first was our second Mass Mob on January 12, 2014. In the five years since we last visited, a lot has happened at the church. A five-year renovation project where the church’s naive was totally stripped down and rebuilt was completed earlier this year. There was a point where the parish community didn’t know if the they could afford the repairs and were worried about OLPH closing. But the church did raise the funds and the future looks great for the parish.

Our first Mass Mob at OLPH literally packed the church. We want to do that again on May 26th. It’s a way to celebrate the new life breathed into OLPH and get a chance to see the renovations for yourself.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, at 115 O’Connell Street in Buffalo’s First Ward,  was formed as the population in the South Park/Louisiana Street area increased, the Catholic Diocese perceived a need for a third church presence there. Consequently, the Bishop, J. E. Quigley, designated that a new parish be formed within the boundaries of St. Stephen’s on Elk Street and St. Brigid’s on Fulton Appointing Rev. R. C. O’Connell to organize it, in March, 1897, he purchased the site on which the church stands. The Bishop placed the cornerstone in November, with the basement completed, the congregation began holding services there. In March, 1900 Bishop Quigley formally dedicated the completed structure.

Our goal with the Buffalo Mass Mob is to bring some attention to Buffalo’s historic churches and to remind people how valuable they are to the city’s fabric and their need to be supported.

Facebook event page.

Thank you for your continued support!

Last Minute Details for Mass Mob 32 at St. Teresa R.C. Church on Sunday

The Buffalo Mass Mob is Heading to St. Teresa’s R.C. Church in South Buffalo

The Buffalo Mass Mob is heading to South Buffalo. Our thirty-second Mass Mob will be held on Sunday, March 24th, 2019 at St. Teresa’s R.C. Church located at 1974 Seneca Street for 11:00am Mass.

The parish was established in 1897. Here’s a history of the church from “Buffalo as an Architectural Museum” website, The church is listed on local, state and national lists of historic places.

Please join us on March 24th! The parish is excited to have our group coming.

To find out more about the parish, visit their website,

The Facebook event page for Mass Mob XXXII,

We will have more details in the coming weeks.

Last Minute Details for Mass Mob XXXI at Blessed Sacrament Church on Sunday

  • First off, the Buffalo Mass Mob group (Danielle Huber, Christopher Byrd, Greg Witul and Arthur Kogutowski) thanks you for your continued support in helping make Mass Mobbing such a success.
  • Facebook event page for Mass Mob XXXI
  • The Mass starts promptly at 11:00am. As usual, we suggest you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning.
    • A special tour of the church’s 33 stained-glass windows will take place after the Mass.
    • There will also be a coffee reception after Mass.
  • Directions and Parking

Mass Mob XXXI at Blessed Sacrament Church in Buffalo on January 27th

Buffalo Mass Mob begins its sixth year by heading to the city’s Blessed Sacrament R.C. Church on Sunday, January 27th, 2019 for 11:00am Mass.

Blessed Sacrament has an interesting history.

From the church’s website.

Blessed Sacrament Church, Buffalo, has enjoyed a very long and distinguished history closely linked to several of the bishops of the Diocese of Buffalo.

Founded in 1887 as the chapel for the second Bishop of Buffalo, Bishop Stephen Vincent Ryan, the chapel was soon expanded to meet the needs of a growing congregation and named Blessed Sacrament Church.

A growing city and a growing Catholic population called for even more expansion and plans were put in place to build a new cathedral adjacent to the church that would hold 1,500 people. In 1915, St. Joseph’s New Cathedral was dedicated. However, after sixty short years, the Cathedral was demolished due to severely deteriorating materials that could not withstand the Buffalo winters. At this point, in 1976, the parish was recommissioned, once again, as Blessed Sacrament Church.

This history comes from the Buffalo as an Architectural Museum website.

The Rev. Paul R. Bossi is the current pastor of Blessed Sacrament.

The parish is excited to have Buffalo Mass Mob come to church. And we are equally excited to bring the Mass Mob to this wonderful church. We will be posting more details  in the coming weeks about Mass Mob XXXI.

Blessed Sacrament Church’s website, and Facebook page,

Facebook event page,