Buffalo Mass Mob turns 30 as it heads to St. Adalbert Basilica


When Buffalo Mass Mob started five years ago, our expectations were to get fifty to a hundred people to show up to our Mass Mobs. Our first at St. Adalbert Basilica did substantially better that. Our second at Our Lady of Perpetual Help packed the church full. Our third at St. John Kanty did the same. That’s when we knew that we were truly onto something that was bigger than we expected. From there, our group has been packing the pews in and around Buffalo since then. You can find a list of all of our Mass Mobs by clicking here.

To celebrate our thirtieth Mass Mob and five year anniversary, we are going back to St. Adalbert Basilica on Saturday, Novemeber 3rd, 2018 for the church’s annual Mass of Remembrance at 5:30pm. It is almost exactly five years to the day when we held our first there.

The Mass of Remembrance is an opportunity to remember those who have passed on. You can participate by ordering a candle from the church. You can include a name of a departed loved one on the candle when ordering. The candles will be available at the church prior to Mass for pickup. During the service, each name that has been submitted to the church will be read aloud. At that time, people who ordered a candle will be asked to bring their candle(s) up to the altar. The candles will be placed around the altars of the church. It is a beautiful ceremony. You can download a candle form by clicking here. The Mass will also feature the wonderful voice of soprano vocalist Brittany Mruczek, accompanied by Steve Kroczynski on guitar.

There will be a reception after Mass in the back of the church. It will be a great chance to walk around the church and mingle with people from St. Adalbert’s.

Saint Adalbert Basilica

St. Adalbert Basilica is only open to the public a handful of times a year. Mass Mob XXX will be a great opportunity to experience this truly special place. It is located at 212 Stanislaus Street in East Buffalo.

Part of what Buffalo Mass Mob does is help raise money for missions or charities connected to the churches we come to. We’ve selected the Response to Love Center (RTLC). We selected the RTLC because it located on the campus of the church in the church’s former school. The RTLC has served Buffalo’s East Side since 1985 with a variety of programs. 100% of proceeds goes to the RTLC. What we are doing is selling a t-shirt with our Buffalo Mass Mob logo on the front and a listing of all of our Mass Mobs on the back. To find out more about the organization, click here.


People have been asking us to sell our t-shirts again. This is a great way to commemorate our five year anniversary and to help a wonderful organization.

To order, click here. The sale is for two weeks only.

To find out more about St. Adalbert Basilica, visit the church’s website.


Facebook event page for Mass Mob XXX:


Here is a video slideshow promoting Mass Mob XXX:




Last Minute Details for Mass Mob XXIX at St. Rose of Lima Church on September 23rd


  • First off, the Buffalo Mass Mob group (Danielle Huber, Christopher Byrd, Greg Witul and Arthur Kogutowski) thanks you for your continued support in helping make Mass Mobbing such a success.
  • This is our 29th Mass Mob!
  • Facebook event page for Mass Mob XXIX https://www.facebook.com/events/2127398524165715/
  • The Mass starts promptly at 10:30am. As usual, we suggest you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning.
    • There will be a light reception after Mass in the church. It is a great opportunity to mingle with the Saint Rose of Lima worship community.
  • Directions and Parking
    • Saint Rose of Lima Church is located at 500 Parker Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216
    • There is a parking lot behind the church. There is also ample street parking around the church.Fullscreen capture 9212018 93912 AM
  • The Mass will be celebrated by Pastor Fr. Joseph Rogliano.
  • Click here to visit the parish’s website—>
  • The parish is excited about Sunday, and so are we. See you then!


Buffalo Mass Mob XXIX Will Take Place at Saint Rose of Lima R.C. Church on September 23rd

The Buffalo Mass Mob will be heading to Saint Rose of Lima Church in the city’s Starin Central neighborhood on Sunday, September 23, 2018 for 10:30am Mass. This will be our twenty-ninth Mass Mob and our fifth this year. The church is located at 500 Parker Avenue, Buffalo, New York, 14216.

The Saint Rose of Lima Church complex was list on the National Register of Historic Places in 2017 because of its significance “for the highly intact examples of Collegiate Gothic and Neo-Formalist style buildings that give it a unique feel from similar parish campuses around the city.”

Saint Rose of Lima is linked with Parkside’s Saint Mark Church. Rev. Joseph S. Rogliano, is the pastor of both St. Mark and St. Rose of Lima.

Here is brief history of Saint Rose of Lima church:

“On November 23, 1925, a declaration was signed by Bishop William Turner establishing St. Rose of Lima Church, and Fr. George Crimmen was appointed its first Pastor. Following the declaration, construction of the rectory and the combination building of church, school and auditorium commenced. St. Rose of Lima School opened on September 13, 1926 with 161 students in grades 1-seven. Three Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart and one lay teacher comprised the staff. The Grey Nuns, who arrived in the United States in 1921, had a presence at St. Rose from 1928-1998. In 1928 the first class graduated with 15 boys and 17 girls receiving diplomas.

Following the opening of the school, construction of the rectory was completed on November 3, 1926. The second floor of the combination building was dedicated as the church on November 21, 1926. The parish and surrounding neighborhood expanded rapidly during the subsequent years, and summer picnics, night football games, annual outdoor masses, lawn fetes, block club parties and dinners were popular parish events.” The current church building was built in 1965.

There will be light refreshments in the church vestibule after Mass.

Website for parish: http://saintmarkbuffalo.com

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2127398524165715/

Please invite your family and friends to Mass Mob XXIX. Mass Mobs are open to all.

Last Minute Details for Mass Mob XXVIII at Ss. Columba-Brigid on July 29th


  • First off, the Buffalo Mass Mob group (Danielle Huber, Christopher Byrd, Greg Witul and Arthur Kogutowski) thanks you for your continued support in helping make Mass Mobbing such a success.
  • This is our 28th Mass Mob!
  • Facebook event page for MM XXIII: https://www.facebook.com/events/194828777930856/
  • The Mass starts promptly at 10:00am. As usual, we suggest that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning.
    • There will be a light reception after Mass in church community hall in same building as church. It’s a great opportunity to mingle with Ss. Columba-Brigid parishioners.
  • Directions and Parking
    • Ss. Columba-Brigid is located at 75 Hickory Street (near Clinton) – Buffalo, NY 14204
    • There’s a bike rack at the church if you are biking to the Mass Mob.
    • There are two small lots at the church for parking – one in front and one in back. There is also parking in a lot across the street from the church behind the JFK Recreational Center. Parking is available on Hickory Street as well.1-Fullscreen capture 7262018 84103 PM
  • We are asking people attending Mass Mob XXVIII to bring donations for either a Food Pantry or Family Promise based at the parish. You will be directed to where you need to drop off donations when you enter the church. To find items both need, click here—>
  • The Mass will be bilingual in both English and Spanish.
  • The church is air conditioned.
  • Ss. Columba-Brigid’s website: http://colum.he5210.vps.webenabled.net/ The church’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sscolumbabrigidchurch/
  • The parish is excited about Sunday, and so are we. See you then!

Buffalo Mass Mob XXVIII will be at Ss. Columba-Brigid R.C. Church on July 29th

Buffalo Mass Mob XXVIII will be held at Ss. Columba-Brigid Church located at 75 Hickory St. – Buffalo, New York 14204. Formed out of the Saint Columba and Saint Brigid Churches. Columba-Brigid’s original church was destroyed by fire in 2004. The new church opened in 2006.

From Pastor Father Jud Weiksnar, “You could say that Mass Mob fits right into what we are proposing for a new parish mission statement: ‘We the church of Ss. Columba-Brigid are a welcoming, inclusive, multicultural Catholic community inspired by the Holy Spirit to celebrate the Risen Christ in how we worship, how we serve others, and how we work for justice.’ And we’re thrilled to be hosting Mass Mob.”

The 10 a.m. Mass on July 29 will be bilingual, in English and Spanish. If you’ve never been to a bilingual service, it’s a marvelous experience. ¡Ustedes son muy bienvenidos! You are most welcome to join us! (And please stay for refreshments afterwards.)

Facebook event page for Mass Mob XXVIII: (invite your friends and family)


Ss. Columba-Brigid’s website:


Last minute details for Mass Mob XXVII at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine on Sunday, June 3rd


  • First off, the Buffalo Mass Mob group (Danielle Huber, Christopher Byrd, Greg Witul and Arthur Kogutowski) thanks you for your continued support in helping make Mass Mobbing such a success.
  • This is our 27th Mass Mob!
  • Facebook event page for MM XXII: https://www.facebook.com/events/194828777930856/
  • The Mass starts promptly at Noon. As usual, we suggest that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning.
  • Directions and Parking
    • Click here for directions—>
    • Our Lady of Fatima Shrine is located at 1023 Swann Rd, Youngstown, NY 14174
    • There is plenty of parking on site.Fullscreen capture 612018 93103 AM-001
    • There is a lot to see at the shrine and its grounds after or before Mass.
    • Visit website for Our Lady of Fatima Shrine for more information about the shrine: http://fatimashrine.com
    • This Mass will be different from a typical Mass Mob as the shrine attracts visitors all over the state, country and the world.
    • We can’t wait for Sunday!



Buffalo Mass Mob XXVI will be at Our Lady of Hope Church on April 15th

The Buffalo Mass Mob is heading to Our Lady of Hope Church on the city’s west side for Mass Mob XXVI. The Mass is on Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 11:00am.

The former Annunciation Church became Our Lady of Hope on 2009.

From the church’s website:

In 2009 the newly merged parish of Our Lady of Hope began on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. This new community was the merger of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Loretto, and Annunciation parishes on the West Side of Buffalo. Since that day, Our Lady of Hope has grown in diversity and purpose.

Since the merger, Our Lady of Hope has attracted new parishioners from growing immigrant communities on the west side.

History of Annunciation R.C. Church from the Buffalo as an Architectural Museum website:

Please invite your family and friends to Mass Mob XXVI! Our Lady of Hope is an interesting church with a wonderful history and a promising future.

To find out more about Our Lady of Hope, visit their website and Facebook page.


Thank you, Buffalo–our 25th Mass Mob was incredible

Each time we put together a Mass Mob, there are a number of uncertainties. The biggest one is how many people will show up. We do a lot to get the word out through social media and traditional media. Until the day of the Mass Mob happens, we are always nervous. But what happens time and time again is that Buffalo comes through and helps pack a church like we did yesterday at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church in East Buffalo. Without people, Mass Mob would not be a success. Thank you.

Mass Mob would not be a success either without the extraordinary response we receive from host churches. St. Nicholas Church, led by Pastor Reverend Marijan Procyk, rolled out the welcome mat for Mass Mob XXV yesterday with open arms. Between Reverend Procyk’s message of unity from the pulpit to the wonderful way the parishioners embraced guests to the church to the nice reception featuring Ukrainian food after the Divine Liturgy, our twenty-fifth Mass Mob was a memorable experience for all who attended. Thank you.

Everything about yesterday is why we do Buffalo Mass Mob…to give a local church some exposure while bringing people together to celebrate and experience a sacred site they would have otherwise never been to.

A little side note. St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic hosts a weekly ‘Friday Kitchen’ fundraiser for the parish. It features wonderful ethnic food. If you are looking for something different to do for lunch on a Friday, definitely check it out. You can find out more about it by clicking here—>

Here is video of the Lord’s Prayer from Mass Mob XXV:

Here are some photos from Mass Mob XXV:
(click on images to open in full view gallery)

Last Minute Details About Buffalo Mass Mob XXV @ St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church

  • First off, the Buffalo Mass Mob group (Danielle Huber, Christopher Byrd, Greg Witul and Arthur Kogutowski) thanks you for your continued support in helping make Mass Mobbing such a success.
  • This is our 25th Mass Mob! It’s something our group is really excited about achieving. When we started, we had no idea how long Mass Mobbing would go on. As we head to Saint Nicholas on Sunday for our 25th, we hope to continue on as long as we can.
  • Facebook event page for Mass Mob XXV—>  https://www.facebook.com/events/328888990852611/  Please share!
  • Attending Sunday’s Mass Mob at Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic church fulfills Sunday obligation for Catholics. Catholics can also receive communion at the church. One note though, communion is distributed on tongue only.
  • The essential elements of the public worship of the Catholic Church, in the Sacrifice of the Eucharist and the administration of the sacraments, are the same in all Catholic rites. What is called the “Mass” in  Western Churches is called “Divine Liturgy” in Eastern Churches like the Ukrainian Catholic Church.
    • Here’s a primer on the Divine Liturgy
      • Worship in the Ukrainian Catholic Church is characterized by a great sense of God’s holiness, a reverence for the sacred, a humble dependence on the power and mercy of God and faith in the intercessory power of the Mother of God and all the Saints. There is a strong tradition of congregational singing without instrumentation, with traditional melodies adopted to our liturgical texts. The majority of the Divine Liturgy is said in English, with some responses and prayers said in Ukrainian.
      • The Liturgy consists of three main parts: The Preparation, during which the priest prepares the bread and chalice for Communion; The Liturgy of the Word, which includes particular readings, prayers and a homily; The Liturgy of Sacrifice, the main part of Divine Liturgy when the Creed is recited, the Holy Gifts are Consecrated and Communion is received.
      • Click here to view the Divine Liturgy—>
      • There will be a handout at the church either inside the bulletin or as a separate sheet explaining the Divine Liturgy, too.
      • Rev. Marijan Procyk, pastor, will also offer some guidance on Sunday.
  • The service starts promptly at 12:00 noon. As always, we suggest that you plan to be at church at least 15 minutes before worship services begin.
  • Parking, there is ample street parking on the streets surrounding the church. There is also a lot at School 40 on Oneida Street across from the church. Click here for directions to 308 Fillmore—> 
  • We are really looking forward to Mass Mob XXV, please join us Sunday.
  • Saint Nichols Ukrainian Catholic Church’s web site: http://www.stnbuffalo.com/
  • For history on the church, click here—>

Hope to see you on Sunday! Our Mass Mobs are open to the general public.

Any questions, please contact us by clicking here—>

Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church is site of Buffalo Mass Mob XXV

Buffalo Mass Mob twenty-five will take place on Sunday, January 21, 2018 at East Buffalo’s Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church for noon worship.

Buffalo Mass Mob started in 2013 as way to draw attention to struggling Buffalo inner city churches.  A mass mob is similar to a flash mob, but the idea centers around inviting people to come worship at a church organizers select. Each mass mob has brought hundreds of people to churches whose attendance has dipped over the years. Christopher Byrd, Buffalo Mass Mob organizer says, “The concept is simple. We want to showcase Buffalo’s historic churches, but we want the community to see them in their intended purpose. A lot of the city’s churches have fallen off people’s radar screens. This gives people who come to a mass mob an opportunity to share in the living and breathing history of a church and an understanding of how important they are to the cultural and historic fabric of Buffalo. Though a religious event, Mass Mobs are open to anyone from community regardless of religious affiliation.”

Saint Nicholas Parish was established in 1894 in Buffalo’s Lovejoy neighborhood to support the growing Ukrainian immigrant population in the city. The parish built a new church on Fillmore Avenue in 1919 after its community had outgrown their small church on Ideal Street. The parish continues to serve the local Ukrainian community.

Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Church is located at 308 Fillmore Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14206. Parking for Mass Mob twenty-five will be at School 40 on Oneida Street or on streets surrounding the parish.

***Mass Mob XXV fulfills Sunday obligation for Catholics. Communion will be distributed on tongue only.

More information on Buffalo Mass Mob can be found at www.BuffaloMassMob.org.

More information on Saint Nicholas Church can be found at www.stnbuffalo.com.