Thank You Buffalo!


Buffalo Mass Mob organizers, Alan Oberst, Greg Witul, Danielle Huber and Christopher Byrd, thank you Buffalo and Western New York for embracing the Mass Mob. When Buffalo Mass Mob started this past year, we didn’t know what to expect or if it would even be a success at all. After three Mass Mobs, the results have left us feeling awestruck.

At the center of it all are the churches the Buffalo Mass Mob visits and you. Without you, the impact that Saint Adalbert Basilica, Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Saint John Kanty have felt through our first three would have never been possible.

Our latest Buffalo Mass Mob drew close to 800 people to Saint John Kanty Church. For each Mass Mob, we don’t know what to expect. There is some anxiety involved because we worry about the numbers. But as we arrived at Saint John Kanty on Sunday, there was already a large crowd in the church and mini traffic jam on Broadway near the church. As Mass time approached, there were still people walking through the doors and the church ushers had to find empty spots in the pews to make sure all people had a seat.

Throughout the Mass, you could feel the energy of the people in attendance, the parishioners of church and the priests celebrating the Mass. There was the sense that everyone there was in awe of what was taking place.

A special thank you to Saint John Kanty Church. The parishioners there were wonderful to work with and put together a nice reception afterward.

We can’t wait to organize the next Buffalo Mass Mob. It will either be in late May or early June. Stay tuned.  In a day or two, we will be soliciting suggestions from the public for churches.

Here are some more photos from Buffalo Mass Mob III:

Buffalo Mass Mob
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Buffalo Mass Mob
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Buffalo Mass Mob Announces First Mass Mob


Included among the extraordinary architectural stock of buildings Buffalo has are its magnificent churches. The houses of worship in the city dot its skyline and are an integral part of the urban fabric. These churches also serve as a living breathing link to Buffalo’s history and cultural heritage by functioning in same manner they did when first built. As is the case with other historic sites around Buffalo, some of these churches need to have a spotlight placed on them to remind people how valuable they are and their need to be supported.

Inspired by the success of Saint Adalbert Basilica’s Facebook Mass a few years ago and the emergence of the successful Buffalo Cash Mob, Buffalo Mass Mob was created to bring a “Flash Mob” of support and attention to Buffalo’s churches.

The idea is simple. The Buffalo Mass Mob will select a Buffalo church and ask people to come to Mass there. It will give people an easy way to support and experience a historic church. In the process, the selected church will receive a boost in attendance and have awareness raised about it.

The first Buffalo Mass Mob will take place on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at Saint Adalbert Basilica located at 212 Stanislaus Street in Buffalo for the 5:15pm Mass. Saint Adalbert’s was established in 1886 in the heart of East Buffalo’s historic Polonia as the neighborhood’s Polish immigrant population grew.
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